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Professional Home Settlements, Inc.

Services Provided by Professional Home Settlements, Inc.

Professional Home Settlements, Inc., is a full service title insurance company that will offer you prompt service at a reasonable price. Our excellent service has brought us a well-respected reputation and many satisfied customers.

Here are some of the services we provide:

Obtaining title work and issuance of title commitment and policies for the protection of the owner and the mortgage lender.

Working with real estate professionals, lenders, attorneys, surveyors, inspection services, builders, hazard insurance agents, and many others to insure a smooth settlement.

Obtaining written payoffs of all judgements, taxes, mortgages, and other liens of record pursuant to the title report, and insuring that all liens are collected and paid at closing.

Receiving closing documents from the lender and preparation of settlement statement for review by all parties for closing.

Collecting all money due at closing and distribution of funds to the proper parties after recordation of the necessary documents.  This includes payment of all liens, taxes, hoa dues, inspection services, surveyor, attorney fees, recordation fees and commission checks among others.

Witnessing the execution of the closing documents and notarizing the papers at closing.  Note:  Our office does not charge a separate notary fee to our clients when witnessed in our office.
Preparation of executed documents to be sent to the appropriate Clerk's Office, and coordinating with the recorder to insure timely recordation.

Return of the original executed, notarized closing documents to the lender, and disbursement of all funds after recordation. 

Issuance of the final title policies.